Finishing product surface stainless steel - 1 FL. x 1 KG

Finishing and general protection product for use on satin-finished, metal, wood, laminated, plastic, etc. surfaces. Evaporates quickly, does not attract dirt and leaves a film of lubricant and gloss. Frequent use avoids the formation of halos and spots. MODALITIES OF USE: It is advisable to use BRILL-SS with vaporizer, directly on the surfaces to be treated, pass with dry paper or with a clean cloth and rub until complete absorption.

Polishing product surface in stainless steel 4 FL. x 1 KG

Polishing disinfectant detergent, slightly perfumed, formulated for the cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel surfaces, to make them shine again. MODALITIES OF USE: Pour POLI-SS onto a damp sponge and pass over the surface to be cleaned, rinse well and wring with a clean cloth until it shines.

Treatment product for surface in stainless steel 9 FL. x 1 KG

Degreaser product for professional use, to remove greasy dirt in the kitchen, but especially to polish any polished or satin-finished steel surface like tables, hoods, interiors of refrigeration cells, slicers, trolleys, etc. .; Degreases perfectly and makes the surface shine again. MODALITIES OF USE: Ready to use to spray directly on surfaces to be cleaned and polished. Leave for a few seconds, then wipe with disposable paper.

Detergent degreaser universal,industrial and concentrated - 2 BD. x 5 KG

Universal degreasing and disinfecting detergent for professional use that eliminates all types of dirt on all surfaces in the kitchen; UNIV-SG is safe for users (Law 81/08 Ex 626) and effective for cleaning food contact equipment (HACCP). The formula is particularly rich, allows a very high dilution of the product whereas the absence of the mentions of danger on the label make the handling simple and safe. UNIV-SG is suitable for cleaning work surfaces, tiles, hoods and filters, refrigerator interiors, slicers, trolleys, roasters, waste containers, equipment in general and all surfaces of kitchens and processing industries. UNIV-SG is therefore an excellent product for the food industries. UNIV-SG is particularly suitable for deep cleaning and shining surfaces a

Rinsing product ovens with auto-cleaning - 2 BD. x 5 KG

Rinsing product, suitable for self-cleaning ovens as a neutralizer for residual alkalinity after rinsing. MODALITIES OF USE AND DOSES: the product is automatically dosed thanks to the special programming of the oven.

Decarbonization product and degreaser for ovens, grills, cooking plates - 2 BD. x 5 LT/6,25 KG + PULV. (+ Sprayer)

Decarbonizing and highly degreasing detergent for professional use to remove cooking grease or carbonized deposits cooked by: ovens, plates, grills, rotisseries, deep fryers, plates of cooking, etc. MODALITIES OF USE: Possibly heat the surfaces to 30-40 ° C, spray and distribute the product on all the walls; Let stand for a few minutes, then pass with a damp sponge. If the dirt has been there for some time, let it act a little longer and remove with a spatula. It can also be used cold as long as you let it act longer (20-30 minutes).